Welcome October!

I hope each of you are transitioning peacefully into fall! I’m excited to share so many things with you. First, I have a new website! You can now find me at traciezamiska.com. The website has my menu of services, links to scheduling, purchasing packages, a blog and more!

Secondly, I’m returning to SpyngaFlows for a few workshops this Fall.  I’m so excited to be back at the studio where it ALL began for me. I’m also happy to announce that I’ve joined the teaching staff at Kent Yoga and Li’l Yoga Shop.

A great way to prep for the new season upon us is to really get in your body and experience what exactly is going on.  One way to do this is my Myofascial Release Workshop. Myofascial release is the release of held areas of tension in the superficial tissues of the muscular system. This workshop uses tennis balls to help you find areas of held tension and chronic pain and then release these holding patterns to keep your muscles hydrated, functioning optimally and relaxed.

I’m holding this workshop twice this month; North and South. 🙂  THIS Saturday 10/10, I’ll be at Kent Yoga from 4-5:30pm and then Saturday 10/24 from 3-4:30pm I’ll be at SpyngaFlows.

September ended on such a peaceful note for me. This year has been mostly about surrender for me but also transitions.  I’ve learned so much about how to trust the process and enjoy the moment. I hope you’ll find some helpful tips in the blog post and recordings this month. As always, thank you to EACH of you for your continued support! Light and love to you and yours! Tracie

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