Want to jump start some change in your life!? Need some inspiration on a better way towards goal crushing? THIS program will help you form new ways of seeing yourself and guide you through reimagining your world.

You get 6 weekly emails that offer up a guide to living intentionally and walk you through the process of making substantial change in your life.  Be prepared to create lasting and major change in your life. Our community of intentional creators will meet via phone every other week to help support, encourage and inspire each other to work the program.

Your weekly emails create a guided path to seeing the world in a new way and discovering the impact of intentional living. The end result is a complete manual that you can use over and over when you want to start new, create your dream job/business and plan for the future.

There are two ways to use this program:

#1 PROGRAM – You’ll get the 6 weekly emails that include meditations, handouts and more to help you create your Program Manual and guide you through the process of moving into intentional living. You’ll also participate in 3 group calls to go over what you’ve been working on in your manuals and to interact with the community! TOTAL COST: $97 a $200 value! 
Map Your Intention
#2 PROGRAM + COACHING – You’ll get the weekly emails and group calls PLUS THREE 45 minute coaching calls to help keep you on track and give you some extra support to make the most of this program.  Click the links below to sign up. TOTAL COST: $247 a $400 value! 
Map Your Intention with Coaching


PROGRAM GRADUATES: You get to participate in the program and group calls for FREE!  If you want to add in the one-on-one coaching calls total cost is $147 for a $200 value!





Check out some comments below of some MYIs who’ve completed the program!I started the program, not 2 weeks ago, and already I have been able to identify that my initial intention wasn't what I really wanted and was able to set an intention that feels great! This process has f (2)shannonmyi