Not sure exactly what you need? Sometimes we know changes must be made but we aren’t quite sure what or how.

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Tracie completed her 225 hour training in Ashtanga Yoga and is currently completing a 500 hour certification specializing in Sports Medicine and Orthopedics with Tiffany Cruikshank.

Her specialties include athletes and sports medicine, chronic pain and injury, mental health, addictions, PTSD/trauma sensitive yoga and strength and conditioning. Each session focuses on anatomy based alignment, breath work, asana and stress reduction and relief. Packages are available and can be purchased HERE.

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Tracie studied with Peggy Koelliker, completing her Reiki Master certification in 2012. As she has grown her skills and practice, she has come to call her unique healing style Intuitive Anatomical Reiki. Each session addresses concerns related to the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body resulting in a holistic re-balancing of the system and deep relaxation.

Sessions can be purchased for in person sessions or distance reiki sessions. To learn more about what to expect from a session with Tracie click HERE.

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Intuitive Coaching Sessions

Tracie spends time working with intention and opening up to her inner wisdom. It is part of her daily practice. She has developed intuitive and manifesting abilities that she loves to share! Intuitive coaching sessions can take several forms: sessions as needed, a consistent scheduled program developed to meet specific goals or an intention focused session.

Feel free to schedule a free 30 minute info session to learn more about this personal, tailored process.

Guided Relaxation and Meditation

Sometimes you just need to relax. With calming music, essential oils and her soothing voice, Tracie can lead you through a deep relaxation that will allow your body and mind to rest and rejuvenate.

Working muscles and brains cause stress, it is only with rest that they are able to rebuild. Meditation, guided relaxation, and yoga nidra can help relax and reset the nervous system allow for the body to return to its optimal state. Sessions can be scheduled in person or via phone.

For more info about group classes or corporate wellness programs please email