Get grounded! Find your anchor.

This time of year certainly encourages us to find our feet and get grounded! Last month I included a grounding meditation with the newsletter. I find that especially around the change of the seasons it feels nice to really commit to setting up my system and practicing coming back to center.

This month I’ve added a quick anchoring guide that you can utilize whenever you feel disconnected, overwhelmed or the need pull back from whatever you’re experiencing.

I discuss this briefly in the anchoring guide but when we start to feel stressed or on the defense we have a tendency to pull up into our minds.  We can sometimes feel that if we move to our mind we will be in control; but this actually does the opposite.  Culturally we are encouraged to be endless thinkers and over thinkers. The more time you spend in your head the less you can be in the moment and fully present to what is happening around you AND within you.

It is natural to do this; to pull back. We can often do it without realizing it. The challenge is to stay immersed in EVERYTHING about the moment. The sounds, smells, the feelings. The more we do this, the more we will continue to get know ourselves and our bodies better. The result of a stronger relationship between the mind and the body is full heart centered living. Anchoring instead of pulling back will help you embrace being in the moment and lead to a more genuine experience.

Take a moment to look inside and see if you can identify three instances this week where you pulled away from an experience. Try to relive those experiences in your mind; you’ll probably feel the exact moment where you started to disconnect. Spend a brief moment looking at what you felt at the moment of disconnect. Then compare the three moments of disconnect and see if you find a theme. That’s where the work for this month begins! Be well!

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