How private sessions work and why they help!

I get this question a lot, “what is a yoga private?!”

Here’s how they work:

We meet for the first session and I listen to what your goals are for yoga. More balanced feeling, stress reduction, strengthening and toning, fixing muscle imbalances, reducing chronic pain, dealing with an injury or chronic issue, etc. Then I do muscle testing to see if all of your muscles are working properly and together.  I also do range of motion tests.  Then I take all that info and what your goals are and I make a plan of attack!

Once I have all this info I create your Yoga Prescription.  This will consist of stretches, strengthening exercises, meditations, pranayama or a combo of all of these wonderful tools. In the next session we go over the YP so you understand how to do each pose/exercise and clarify any questions you may have.  You do this YP for four weeks and then we test again and see what the results are and what needs to be tweaked.

The next question I get is, “how often do I need to come see you for private sessions?”

Of course this is entirely up to YOU! Here are some factors to consider:

-what are my goals for yoga?
-how much time do I have to meet in person with someone on a weekly basis?
-how quickly do I want to see results?
-can I commit to completing my YP (Yoga Prescription) at least 4 times on my own per week?
-what is my budget?

Most of my private clients see me weekly.  We briefly check in at the beginning and see how they are feeling, what’s new in their lives and how the YP work is going. Then each session I work on them with their goals.  Usually these are completely different from the YP. Sometimes it works best for some of my clients to see me biweekly or monthly. It all depends on what works for YOU.

And finally, the last question I get is, “why do these privates work? how do they help more than just going to yoga a few times a week?”

This of course all has to do with your goals. Lots of people come to me for help with chronic issues or specific muscle groups they wish to strengthen. Going to yoga classes at a studio is going to improve the quality of your life and help put you on the path to achieving your yoga goals.  One on one sessions give you that extra push to focus specifically on a few main goals and have a plan designed specifically for you and your body. I see private sessions as a way to take your practice to the next level and commit to a significant change.

Private sessions increase the tools we have in our toolboxes; giving us a little extra when we need to move onto the next place.

As always if you have any questions specifically about how privates can help you please feel free to send me an email or set up a free call.

Wishing you eternal peace. Namaste.

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