Staying inspired!

It can be hard sometimes to keep the wheels of creativity and inspiration turning, and turning efficiently! I often struggle with how to keep my classes fresh, workshop content interesting and new, and how to keep myself from getting stuck in the details. Below are a few tips that I use, weekly if not daily, to keep my mind fresh and my outlook positive.

  1. Organize your space/refresh your workspace – I posted a picture on IG the other day showing my newest form of staying organized! I have to constantly keep my workspace organized AND visually stimulating or I feel completely stagnant and bogged down. I have lots of little items that are colorful and meaningful around my workspace to help me stay visually inspired.
  2. Indulge in some favorite things – sometimes it is a piece of chocolate and other times it is snuggle time with my cats. Whatever makes you feel amazing DO IT! Take time every day to indulge in something that makes you smile and feel loved; your whole perspective will shift afterwards!
  3. Make time for daily reflection and daily expressions of gratitude – This should probably be first on the list. Daily reflection is so so so important. It helps us see where we’ve been and where we are likely headed. It gives us space to talk about what is going on and what we want to do next. When you add in a gratitude practice it becomes doubly impactful. Being able to express gratitude can be hard for some people. But the more you practice it the easier it becomes. A solid gratitude practice not only feels good but on those days when you feel like you have NOTHING to be grateful for, a gratitude practice shows you that there is always something to be grateful for and that alone can be a game changer.
  4. Take breaks! – You can use whatever format works for you but I like the 50/10 rule. For every 50 minutes of work, I take a 10 minute break from it and do something else. It helps to keep your mind fresh and it gives your body a break from whatever it has been doing for the last 50 minutes. Sometimes walking away from a project helps to bring it back into focus.
  5. Make time for creativity that is DIFFERENT than your normal work/medium – Being in love with what you do is important but varying how you are creative helps to move inspiration around. I have found that when I’m doing anything that is creative and fun, I become immensely more inspired in my day to day work. Even 20 mintues with an adult coloring book can make inspiration overflow.
  6. Keep learning – Keep learning about what your work is. Learning new things will keep your ideas and goals fresh and new. It will make you better at whatever your job is and it will keep your mind active.
  7. Create a flexible self care regimen – It is important to do at least one thing every day that is just about YOU! Whether it is a 5 minute meditation, a short walk around the block, a run or a yoga class. You have to make time to give back to yourself. If you aren’t feeling nurtured or cared for your depletion will have substantial impacts on your ability to stay focused and inspired.

Do you have a list of things that you do to stay inspired!? Let me know in the comments!

As always, namaste, Tracie 🙂


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